Huancavelica to become first trout exporting center with 7,000 tons a year

The department of Huancavelica, located in the center of the country, will become the first Peruvian trout exporting center, with an expected production of 7,000 tons of this fish a year, reported today Sierra Exportadora president, Gastón Benza Pflucker.

Benza Pflucker recalled that the mining group Rodríguez Mariátegui and the company Topy Top, both of Peruvian capitals, will invest a total of 11 million dollars for the installation of two industrial centers of trout breeding in Choclococha's lagoon in Huancavelica.

The project will generate 250 new jobs and each industrial plant will produce 3,000 tons of trout annually.

Nowadays Peru exports 1,500 tons, which turn both plants into the major center of industrial centre of trout breeding of the country.

Rodríguez Mariátegui group created the Peruvian Aquaculture Company, Benza Pflucker commented in the framework of the workshop: "Strategies to Develop Trout industry in Huancavelica's Highland".

Publication: Andina - English Newswire
Provider: Andina
Date: July 23, 2008

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