Brazil-based scientists to promote nanotechnology development in Peru

Peruvian scientists living in Brazil are very interested in further promoting the development of nanotechnology and basic sciences in Peru, said physicist Ángel Bustamante of the Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos.

The initiative came after the International Scientific Meeting (ECI 2008) "Science and Technology for Sustainable Development", held this week at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima.

Most attendees were Peruvian scientists living in Brazil who expressed their willingness to collaborate with Peruvian public and private universities in technology development.

One of the conclusions reached at this meeting was to develop nanotechnology approaches, a field of applied science and technology whose unifying theme is the control of matter on the molecular level in scales smaller than 1 micrometre, normally 1 to 100 nanometers, and the fabrication of devices within that size range.

The ECI 2008 aimed to promote the exchange of information and experiences between scientists and engineers who take root out of Peru and the scientific Peruvian community; and to stimulate the scientific and technical cooperation of the Peruvian scientists taken root abroad.

Publication: Andina - English Newswire
Provider: Andina
Date: August 3, 2008

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