Around $88 million invested in Peruvian rainforest' s productive works

Peru's president, Alan García, said today that around 88 million dollars are invested in a diversity of productive works in the central rainforest benefiting population of this zone.

From the province of Chanchamayo (Junín) where the President inaugurated works of enlargement and rehabilitation of the bridge Raither that connects Lima with the district of La Merced, he indicated that such budget is invested in drinking water works for six towns, in highways, and in the above-mentioned bridge.

The president said that 2.30 million tons of production travel on this bridge, "which is considerable, but now more tons will be able to transit, five or ten more times according to we have rural electrification and infrastructure".

"This is the reason why I ask Peruvians for thinking in Peru and children's tomorrow, this bridge can be a sign of our alliance and the seal of our union for the Peru's future", he expressed.

He also said that boosting the country's infrastructure is work and essential goal of the government. "because without roads, bridges or electrification, there is not production and it is what insures long-term employment and the income of producers".

Publication: Andina - English Newswire
Provider: Andina
Date: July 6, 2008

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