Wood exports amount to USD 90.5mn between January and August 2009

In the first seven months of 2009, China was Peru's largest buyer of wood, importing a total of USD 37.50mn (EUR 25.37mn). The Asian country was followed by Mexico, which imported USD 19.5mn worth of Peruvian wood, according to information provided by Peru's exporters association Adex.

Peru's forestry industry's exports totalled USD 90.5mn between January and August 2009, a 41% fall compared to the year-earlier period. Of this total, USD 36mn comprised of semi-processed wood products, USD 33.8mn comprised of processed timber and USD 9.2mn comprised of chipboards. Peru's leading exporters, as far as the wood/timber sector is concerned, were Maderera Bozovich, IMK Maderas, Maderera Vulcano, Triplay Amazonico, Consorcio Maderero, Nature Word, Weiman, Nature America and Industrial Ucayali.

Publication: Esmerk - News monitoring
Provider: Esmerk
October 14, 2009

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