Sissa and its dummies to invade South America

The advertising services supplier Sissa, pertaining to the De Azambuja family, started out developing advertising dummies (plastic made), willing to keep growth rate of 8% - 10% per year. It already plans to be opening offices in Chile, Ecuador and Argentina. Jaime de Azambuja, general manager Sissa, states that in the next months the supermarkets, commercial centers, bodegas and cinemas will be filled up with dummies advertising the launch of new products. Advertising campaigns totalled investments of US$5mil in 2005, figure that rose up to US$60mil in 2009 and would increase 10% as of 2010, according to Jaime. In order to advance in the market, Sissa has invested US$3mil in the acquisition of the first dummies manufacturing machine in Latin America.

Publication: SABI - Business News
Provider: South American Business Information
October 8, 2009

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