Nestle, Coca Cola, launched Inka Kola flavoured ice cream

Nestle and Coca-Cola have set up partnership for launching a new ice cream in Peru, with the flavour of the carbonated beverage Inca Kola, which took nine months to be developed. The corporations are investing US$500,000 in the new product marketing, hoping it will be as successful as other Coca-Cola branded products.

Johnny Lindley, general manager Corporacion Jose R. Lindley, firm responsible for manufacturing, commercializing and distributing Coca-Cola products, pointed out the best way to face crisis is being solid and launching innovative products. The firm is directing US$50mil during 2009 in expansion of production lines, cooling and packaging equipment. Nestle has invested US$5mil in the launch of 20 new products since October 2008, among them figures the limited edition of Inca Kola, which could be promoted to the firm's brands portfolio depending on its performance

Publication: SABI - Business News
Provider: South American Business Information
February 2, 2009

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