Peru, Brazil to promote production and marketing of Arapaima

Authorities, entrepreneurs and communities from Peru and Brazil will create a "strategic alliance" to jointly promote production and marketing of Arapaima, a South American tropical freshwater fish, the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP) reported today.

IIAP's director, Luis Campos, told Andina news agency that they are arranging a meeting in February attended by regional governments of Ucayali, San Martin, Loreto, and the Brazilian National Institute of Amazonian Research, among other intitutions.

"The aim is to achieve strategic alliances for the resource management, give added value to our products and strengthen scientific research", he said.

Campos said they seek to establish an environmentally profitable bio-trade which helps to expand production of this organic fish without harming the environment.

The arapaima, pirarucu, or paiche (Arapaima gigas) is a South American tropical freshwater fish. It is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, reportedly with a maximum length up to 4.5 m (14.75 ft.) and weight up to 200 kg (440 lb.). The maximum weight and length is disputed.

It is the largest freshwater fish in South America. As one of the most sought after food fish species in South America, it is often captured primarily by handheld nets for export, by spearfishing for local consumption, and, consequently, large arapaima of more than 2 m are seldom found in the wild today.

IIAP is a Peruvian institution which is focused on scientific and technological research for development and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Amazonian region.

Publication: Andina - English Newswire
Provider: Andina
November 9, 2008

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