Peru's Electricity Output Up 9.7 Pct Y/Y Aug 2007

Peru's electricity production stood at 2,366 GWh in August 2007, up 9.7 pct year-on-year, the Energy Ministry reported on September 27.

Hydropower utilities generated 60.6 pct of the total electricity production. Other 33 pct corresponded to natural gas-fueled plants, and 2.5 pct and 3.9 pct to residual fuels and coal facilities, respectively.

Peru's electricity generation from natural gas rose by 45.8 pct to 755.4 GWh. The natural gas demand for electricity production reached 206.8 million cu m, up 36.1 pct.

Peruvian state-owned electric power generation company Electroperu produced 623,439 MWh, up 0.4 pct. The output of the private utility Edegel SA increased by 40 pct to 587,115 MWh.

The total electricity sales in the country rose by 8.8 pct to 2,028 GWh in August 2007.

The electricity sales in Peru totalled 22,290 GWh in 2006, the ministry reminded. The industry concentrated 54 pct of the sales in the past year, the commercial sector and services had a share of 21 pct, while the residential demand represented 24 pct.

Publication: Business Digest
Provider: AII Data Processing Ltd.
Date: September 28, 2007

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