Investment in Peru Coaster, Bus Assembling Seen At $5.0 Bln 2008-2012

The assembling of 20,000 coasters and buses for the public transport sector in Peru is expected to attract investments of a total $5.0 bln (3.528 bln euro) in the next five years, the general manager of Peruvian heavy vehicle company Motores Diesel Andinos SA (Modasa), Hector Garcia projected on September 26, 2007.

The Peruvian motor vehicle assembling market is estimated to post a combined revenue of $50 mln (35.3 mln euro) in 2007. expects to be responsible for $20 mln(14.1 mln euro) of the total, Garcia said.

(www.modasa.com.pe) launched natural gas-fueled buses on September 26. The company has also expanded its Ate-Vitarte plant in the province of Lima with an investment of $4.5 mln (3.2 mln euro).

Publication: Business Digest
Provider: AII Data Processing Ltd.
Date: September 27, 2007

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