Aquaculture production raises 300% over five years

The Peruvian aquaculture production rose 300% over the last five years and totalled shipments of US$103mil in 2008, as informed by the Ministerio de la Produccion. Output leaped from 10.000 tons in 2003 up to 40.000 tons nowadays and has potential to go further, as pointed out by Elsa Galarza, vice minister Pesqueria.

Peru has got a diversity of environments to the installation of aquaculture centres in the coast, mountains and forests, as well as a variety of potential species set to be developed. Amongst the cultivated species figures lobster (US$35.116.000), abanico shells (US$16.934.000), trouts (US$2.470.000), paiche (US$26.396) and tilapia (US$20.137).

The main international destination of the Peruvian products are the US, UE and Asia. According to the Asociacion de Exportadores (Adex), exports totalled US$54.541.000 in the first semester 2009 boosted up specially by the increasingly demand for seafood products.

Publication: SABI - Business News
Provider: South American Business Information
November 23, 2009

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