T-Copia shows graphic strength

The graphic-arts industry is enjoying a successful period in Peru, set to post sectorial sales of almost US$750mil in 2008, a rise over year 2007's US$600mil. Jose Francisco Hidalgo, marketing director at T-Copia, states that big companies from home and abroad are attracted to the sector now but that for now there is space for everyone. In 2007, his firm posted a turnover of US$4mil; for 2008, from its independent operations, it should post US$6mil plus another US$2mil from franchises such as Office 1. T-Copia wants a chain of 50 shops across Peru as of 2010 when at present it operates 18, 16 of which are in Lima. It also wants to internationalise more; currently, it operates solely in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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