16 Peru Utilities Invest $39.1 Mln in Power Projects Jan-Apr 2008 - Fonafe

Sixteen Peruvian state-owned utilities invested 111 mln Peruvian soles ($39.1 mln/25.1 mln euro) in 90 power projects for January to April 2008, the National Fund for Financing State Business Activities (Fonafe) said on June 9, 2008.

The projects form part of the 197 projects approved by Fonafe to be developed in full 2008.

The energy generators Egasa, Egemsa, Egesur, Electroperu and San Gaban invested 19 mln soles ($6.7 mln/4.3 mln euro) in 14 thermal and hydro power projects in the first four months of 2008.

Fonafe said that some state-owned utilities were developing projects in line with the government's policy for increased usage of natural gas. One of these companies is Egesur that started a project for conversion of its Calana thermoelectric power plant to use natural gas. The project demanded investments of 10 mln soles ($3.5 mln/2.3 mln euro).

Fonafe also mentioned the utility Electroperu that is now investing in a new hydroelectric power plant La Guitarra and in a gas-fired thermal power plant, that are seen to absorb a total 187 mln soles ($65.9 mln/42.3 mln euro).

On the other hand, local state-owned distributors as Electrocentro, Electronorte, Electronoroeste, Electropuno, Electrosureste, Electrosur, Hidrandina, Adinelsa, ElectroOriente, ElectroUcayali and Seal invested 91 mln soles ($32.1 mln/20.6 mln euro) in 76 projects for January to April 2008.

To meet the demand in the Madre de Dios region, Electrosureste is building a 138 kV transmission line San Gaban – Mazuko - Puerto Maldonado, that will be kicked off in the second half of 2008.

ElectroOriente plans to invest 26 mln soles ($9.2 mln/5.9 mln euro) in 30 projects in full 2008, of which 10 are now under development.

ElectroUcayali is investing 760,000 soles ($267,900/171,900 euro) in electrification of the settlements La Marina, Aguaytia and Pucallapa. The second stage of the company's electrification programme will demand 2.0 mln soles ($705,000/452,000 euro).

Both Electropuno and Electrocentro are now investing in the construction of transmission lines to cover their concession areas. Electropuno will allocate 21 mln soles ($7.4 mln/4.8 mln euro), while Electrocentro will invest 15 mln soles ($5.3 mln/3.4 mln euro), Fonafe added.

Publication: Business Digest
Provider: AII Data Processing Ltd.
Date: June 10, 2008

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