Peruvian company to export sea cucumber to Singapore and Japan

General manager of Hidrobiológicos Perú S.A.C., Rosa Feliciano Rodríguez, announced that this company have established contacts with Singaporean and Japanese businessmen to export sea cucumber, a high demand product in Asian countries for its nutritional value.

Feliciano Rodríguez told Andina that export opportunity was made possible during the Exhibition of Businesswomen's Products and Business Round carried out in Arequipa in the framework of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum.

"Today, I will meet with a Singaporean company interested in buying sea cucumber, which is high demand product in Asia. We are also schedule to meet with a Japanese company to explore export opportunities", Feliciano Rodríguez said.

She added that this exhibition has also allowed establishing contacts with national companies selling natural medicine products.

Feliciano Rodríguez pointed out that Hidrobiológicos Perú exports different products such as horse mackerel, mackerel, pota, anchovies, shell to Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Africa.

Publication: Andina - English Newswire
Provider: Andina
Date: May 14, 2008

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