Visa Card Transactions in Peru At $1.142 Bln Jan-Aug 2007

The transactions carried out via Visa credit and debit cards in Peru increased to $1.142 bln (806.4 mln euro) in the period from January to August 2007, up 33.5 pct year-on-year, Visanet del Peru, the local unit of U.S. credit card company Visa International, said on October 2, 2007.

The transactions carried out via Visa Electron debit cards rose by 38.5 pct to $441.6 mln (311.8 mln euro), while the transactions via Visa credit cards increased by 30.5 pct to $701.1 mln (495 mln euro).

The Visa cards' transactions marked the biggest rise in the Libertad department, up 66.6 pct, followed by Piura, up 60 pct, Cusco, up 53.5 pct, Lambayeque, up 48.4 pct, and Arequipa, up 45.7 pct.

The average sum of each Visa credit card transaction went up to $42.6 (30 euro) from $39.3 (27.7 euro), while the average transaction of Visa Electron increased to $27.5 (19.4 euro) from $25.6 (18 euro).

[Editor's note: According to data of the Latin America News Digest from January 22, 2007, Visanet del Peru (www.visanet.com.pe) reported $1.559 bln ($2.21 bln euro) in transactions carried out with Visa debit and credit cards in 2006, up 34.1 pct year-on-year.]

(Note: Unless otherwise stated, all figures/comparisons are for Jan-Aug 2007/Jan-Aug 2006.)

Publication: Business Digest
Provider: AII Data Processing Ltd.
Date: October 3, 2007

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shannon said...

well, this is good news, right? that visa credit card transactions are on the rise?