New ethanol investments in evaluation

Members of the Ethanol Commission of the United States would visit Peru with the purpose of evaluating the possibility of making investments in the production of this fuel, informed Brian Deam, president of the commission.

Also, Florida TRADING Area of Americas (FTAA), of which Deam also is president, will make feasibility studies that aim at the ethanol production in the short term. In that sense, it informed that one has met with the representative of the Andean Interregional Commission, formed by nine regions of Peru, in order to establish what areas are most interesting to undertake this type of investments. Deam indicated that the project wants Peru to become an ethanol producer in order to satisfy its own demand and to generate enough volume to export to the U.S..

“We will be in Peru to promote the use of the ethanol as the biocombustible of the future”, commented the holder of the FTAA.

In 2006, the U.S. demanded six trillions of gallons of ethanol in all the nation, of which two trillions were imported. Deam indicated, in addition, that the oil crisis with Iraq and Venezuela has forced this country to look for other alternatives of energy.

Publication: El Comercio
Provider: El Comercio
Date: July 17, 2007
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